Under certain state privacy laws (“State Privacy Law(s)”), consumers may have certain rights regarding their personal information, which are summarized in our Privacy Notice. If you are subject to such laws, or are submitting this request on behalf of an individual who is subject to such laws, you can exercise your rights by using this web form to submit your request to us.  You can also exercise your rights by calling us, toll-free, at telephone: 888.849.7840 or by submitting an email containing to Privacy@PrimeTherapeutics.com containing the information required below.

We will need information requested in this form so we can verify and process your request.  We will acknowledge receipt of this request immediately upon successful submission. The receipt will serve as our 10-day acknowledgement. We will respond to a complete and verifiable webform request within 45 days.  We may extend that period by an additional 45 days, however, provided we notify you of the reason for the extension in writing.  We may contact you to request additional information in connection with your request.  Please note that the vast majority of personal information we process relates to current or former members of Prime, or health plans, employer group, and administrative service organizations that use Prime for prescription benefit management services.  Such personal information is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), which falls under an exemption under all State Privacy Laws and will not be in scope for a personal information request.